Blu Dot

Boutique furniture-maker, Blu Dot, was looking for a way to increase their social media presence and get the word out about their latest creation, the Hot Mesh Chair. We returned with a digital version of the classic childhood game, musical chairs, using Twitter.


Directed by Spike Lee, this national campaign was the first total rebranding effort undertaken by msnbc. It was great to see Fox News and CNN both make counter-ads, but we knew it was successful when the Daily Show did two segments about the campaign.



Erbert & Gerbert Sandwich Shop
20th anniversary "Candle Cannon" viral campaign.

E&G approached us to create a campaign to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Consumers usually couldn't care less about retail chain's anniversaries, so we decided to create an experience they couldn't ignore - we built the world's largest and most powerful air vortex cannon and used it to blow out candles on a cake. Along with videos of the cannon in action, we also created CandleCannon.com, a site that allowed users to "blow" at content by clicking on different elements and navigation on the site. candlecannon.com

The Beardly.com
In my free time I grow a beard. And a website. thebeardly.com.

Erbert & Gerbert Sandwich Shop
Holiday gift card promotion

Minnesota State Lottery
2010 Scratch Games

(5 more spots from this campaign on the Minnesota State Lottery page)

Minnesota State Lottery
2009 Monopoly scratch game promotion